Stunning Blunt Bob Ideas for the Spring

The blunt bob has been around for centuries. It’s certainly a popular hairstyle. If you are looking to change up your look this spring then you can go wrong with the blunt bob. It’s stylish and sophisticated and even a little sexy. It started out as a totally Haute Couture style and many people are still wearing it to this day. It’s a popular look that we always see on the runway as well.

It’s an angular style that can be worn with any length of hair, the sky is totally the limit for you and the kind of style that you want to have.  The best part about the blunt bob is that it suits many face shapes so that should not be a concern for you. No wonder it has been around for so long.

The thing about blunt styles is that they always look healthy and that’s because you are always cutting them bluntly. They can be worn curly or straight, it really doesn’t matter. But if you are going to try out the blunt bob you will end up with a style that is stronger and healthier than ever before. The great thing is you can style the bob in many different ways and we have lots of styles to show you.






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